Health Care Reform Changes

Health Care Reform

Current Health Care Reform Changes

1. Dependents can be covered up to age 26
2. Unlimited lifetime maximums on all plans
3. Preventative services covered at 100% with no copayment,
deductible does not apply:
a. Adult physical exams
b. Pediatric exams, immunizations, and well-baby visits
c. Routine gynecological exams
d. Routine Pap test and routine mammogram

What Happens If You Opt Out Of Health Insurance
Individuals must buy health coverage or pay a tax (starts at the greater of $95 per person or 1% of household income)

What Will Come In January of 2014

Expanded Medicaid; Small group insurance market reforms (guaranteed issue & renewability); No limits of pre-existing conditions for adults;  No annual benefit limits; cover costs of clinical trials.

What do you need to tell your employees?
The Department of Labor has developed model language to communicate with your employees. There is one model for employers who do not offer a health plan and another model for employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees.

  • Model Notice Language for Employers Who Offer a Health Plan
  • Model Notice Language for Employers Who Do Not Offer a Health Plan

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