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Insurance Products and Needs

Starting a Business

When you start a new business it’s important to have affordable insurance coverage to protect your business and employees.

As a self-employed business owner you face many challenges and have many important decisions to make. The health insurance that companies offer their employees varies greatly from industry to industry and state to state. It is important that you provide your employees with health insurance coverage that is competitive for your industry and will allow you to attract and retain employees to grow your business. Keeping pace with the rapidly changing field of employee benefits can be overwhelming, but that’s our job at the Locklin Group, so you can focus on the challenges of your business and industry.

First Step: What type of group health does your competition offer?
If you are not sure, that’s ok, the Locklin Group may already have the answer.

Second Step: What type of plan do you want to have for you and your employees? What is reasonable co-pay, how high of a deductible is fair and reasonable? The Locklin Group will design a plan that has the most value and is beneficial to your company and to your employees.

Third Step: What business insurance is needed to protect your business premises, vehicles, intellectual property, trade secrets, worker’s compensation and protect from business interruption.
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You place trust in your Accountant and Lawyer, and a trusted Insurance Expert is needed to start your business. Nobody starts and builds a successful business without trusted advisors. Having an Insurance Expert is often overlooked when starting a business. You rely on your lawyer to handle the legal aspects of your business. Your accountant will assist you with your business plan and your banker will get your funding. Add to your group of trusted advisors the Locklin Group, to understand your business and get you the best insurance rates.